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Oglala Lakota County, South Dakota

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Comment From Gary, update from residence near Mt. Rushmore. I usually check the headlines of Rapid City Journal, the only newspaper in this small town for news. Today, the paper carried an article about the renaming of Shannon County, the poorest country in the state, from Shannon to Oglala Lakota County. It appears that the govt. want them to get ‘permission’ even after on overwhelming vote in favor of the name change. My first comment is why does the state have the right to dictate what the Lakota Nation do on their own land? After all, even Rapid City, at the foot of the Black Hills really does belong to the Lakota under the treaty of Ft. Laramie. The second is that if one reads the article, it is clear that the state has to go along with it, and shouldn’t have to pass legislation. For more info. read at the link below: This is just one more example of bureaucracy gone haywire!

Flower Essence Questionnaire and Disclaimer


For those who need herbal, homeopathic and flower essence services, please print, sign, and scan or mail back the disclaimer and questionnaire form. You can also find a link on my site at

Flower Essence Questionnaire

Gary Price, BA, MBA, Student (PsyD), Diploma Phytotherapy 1 yr. NIMH (UK)

Diploma, Bach Flower Essences

Please fill out questionnaire and return by mail or scan. Remedies will be sent to you upon receipt.


Remedies or additional herbal remedies are not meant to take the place of your medication as prescribed by your physician. Client agrees from their signature below, that no legal recourse will be sought against the herbal practitioner for any reason. Should you experience any uncomfortable symptoms, you are advised to seek the advice of your physician (MD) or a licensed naturopath (ND). Clients are encourage to monitor their dosages of allopathic* medicine and give feedback regarding herbal medicine and their experience to the herbal practitioner as needed.


*Allopathic-medicines other than homeopathic or herbal related remedies.



Signature: _____________________________ Date: ________________

Printed name: _________________________



How do you feel today? Circle all that apply. Use blue or black ink please:

  1. Guilty
  2. Uncertain
  3. Jealous, angry, hostile
  4. Mind in the clouds, preoccupied
  5. Irritated due to things not clean, disorganized
  6. Abandoned (poor me)
  7. Driven to succeed
  8. Tired, no energy
  9. Unstable, untrue to self
  10. Melancholy or depressed
  11. Inferior, less than human
  12. Exhausted, but no way I can quit
  13. Afraid
  14. Too nice to say no to others
  15. Nostalgic
  16. Overwhelmed by responsibility
  17. Indifferent
  18. Undecided, scattered
  19. Impatient
  20. Needy, needs sympathy
  21. Have to grin and bear it
  22. Reserved, withdrawn
  23. Bothered by unwanted thoughts
  24. Perplexed, keep making same mistakes over and over
  25. Up against a wall, no where to go
  26. 150% committed!
  27. In shock
  28. Torn between two things
  29. Drained, exhausted
  30. An athlete in training
  31. Defeated
  32. Afraid but can’t get a handle on why
  33. Unloved
  34. Despondent, discouraged
  35. Ready to explode
  36. Intolerant due to criticism
  37. Panic-stricken


Character Questionnaire Holding myself back

  1. I hold myself back due to tiredness, afraid.
  2. Low self esteem-I just can’t do it.
  3. I dislike ugly disputes
  4. Just exhausted. It takes too much effort.
  5. Because I am too sensitive
  6. Because I criticize others
  7. I can’t say no
  8. I live in the past
  9. Everyday is Monday
  10. I will lose control of myself
  11. I haven’t inner direction
  12. I blame myself for everything
  13. I feel vulnerable because I don’t want to be what I was before
  14. I can’t stick to a decision
  15. I must keep struggling on
  16. I get on other’s nerves
  17. I am too driven and too enthusiastic and over do it
  18. My sense of fairness is too strong
  19. I doubt my judgment
  20. I panic easily
  21. I am overly disciplined
  22. I am overly ambitious
  23. I am picky about cleanliness and just get nervous
  24. I feel hopeless
  25. I am too absorbed in me to care about others
  26. Dreamy. No interest in reality
  27. Too impatient. I can’t wait for something to just happen.
  28. I am too sympathetic and too concerned for others.
  29. My melancholy disposition paralyzes me.
  30. Apathy. I can’t improve the situation.
  31. Aloof. Cannot mingle with others.
  32. Steady stream of chatter in my head.
  33. I let others interfere with my plans.
  34. I keep making the same mistakes over and over.
  35. I am a skeptic so it holds me back.
  36. I expect too much from others.
  37. I let things go until they cannot be fixed.
  38. Full of self-pity.


Final checklist

What’s bothering you right now?

Please check no more than 6 responses. More responses will not affect the questionnaire


  1. Anxiety
  2. Lack of self esteem
  3. Need for harmony
  4. Lack of energy
  5. Vague fears
  6. Intolerance
  7. Inability to say no
  8. Dwell on the past
  9. Mentally weary
  10. Inner emotional pressure
  11. Anger, jealousy, envy
  12. Lack of inner direction
  13. Blame myself for the mistakes of others’
  14. Indecision
  15. Must endure (stay the course)
  16. Zeal-excessive
  17. Uncertainty
  18. Panic
  19. Exaggerated self-discipline
  20. Needs to dominate
  21. Picky about detail and cleanliness
  22. Hopelessness
  23. Tendency to be self absorbed
  24. Too dreamy and unrealistic
  25. Impatience
  26. Too tied to someone emotionally
  27. Deep gloom
  28. Apathy
  29. Isolation or tendency to retreat
  30. My never ending thoughts
  31. Inability to be true to myself
  32. Tendency to repeat mistakes
  33. Negative expectations
  34. Overly responsible feeling
  35. Need to manipulate others
  36. Despair, desperation
  37. Bitterness

Terminating the Octopus


After months of battle with the Mafia in this major telecommunications company, I have finally severed links legally!
For those who have trouble doing this on their own, contact me for a Flower Essence consultation. It will certainly help you break links with your past and avoid resentment of those around you who contribute to your misery.